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MOTEASOBI GUSA SHINA NO SAMAZAMA (Favorite things of Fushimi clay dolls)
The 54th Gion Odori, dance performance by the geiko and maiko of Gion Higashi(east), is like "The Nutcracker".
While Geiko & Maiko are out for lessons, clay dolls displayed at a Okiya(Agent house), such as Plumpface-Nanny-Chick-Sea bream-Cake eater-Ebisu(the God of Shipping, Fishing and Commerce)-Sparrow,become alive and move around the house.
Fushimi clay doll is one of the oldest toy varieties that has been made in Kyoto for several hundred years.
Traditional and sophisticated models still keep simple and heartwarming images.

Scene 1: Upstairs of Okiya
Maiko leaves for lessons. Cray dolls search a house for Sea bream.
Scene 2: On the roof
Plump face gets a crush on Shoki, the Plague-Queller.
Scene 3: At the kitchen
Cake eater pinches and has a rice ball, etc .
Scene 4: In a Zashiki(drawing room)
Nanny and Chick look at the painting of a hanging scroll.
Scene 5: At the garden
Sparrow finds Sea bream is drowning. Ebisu saves her by fishing.
Scene 6: Upstairs of Okiya
Maiko come back and find their cakes disappear.
Scene 7: Gion Odori
Finale is flamboyantly danced by all GEIKOs and MAIKOs with the title song of Gion Higashi, under vivid maple leaves.
Directed and choreographed by Monjuro Fujima
Produced by Gion Higashi Song & Dance Society 
Supported by Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyoto City Tourist Association, and Ookini Zaidan