Traditional entertaionment of Kyoto
Gion Ochaya OZASHIKI ASOBI(Teahouse hospitality) Geiko(Geisha) & Maiko

TOMIKIKU / Information / Special Plan / Maiko of Tomikiku

Information (Regular operation)
Banquet Plan
At a Ozashiki of Ochaya (or traditional Japanese restaulant, Ryokan Inn, Hotel, etc. in Kyoto city), Geiko(Geisha), Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Jikata (Geiko who is in charge of music) entertain the guests when they hold a party or have a full course dinner.
The guest watch Maiko dancing, play traditional games with Geiko, and talk on a variety of topics.
(for about 80min. 〜 2 hours)
Casual Plan
At a small Ozashiki (or home bar) of Ochaya or counter seats of traditional pub, the guests lounge over a cup of Sake and have an easy chat with Geiko(Geisha) and Maiko.
An old fashioned way of enjoying a evening in Kyoto.
(for about 1 hour 〜)
For a special occasion such as Sales promotion, Campaign, Wedding, and various parties and events, Geiko(Geisha), Maiko and Jikata travel to the site.  
It is a wonderful way of celebrating and piling up the atmosphare. At department store, hotel, historical spot, expo, city hall, etc. All over the world
※We ask for new customers to be introduced by a regular customer or to visit as guests of the special plan listed below.